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Brand identity and voice refers to who you are as a brand; it’s your personality, your characteristics and your emotions. It’s how you communicate with the rest of the world and your customers and it’s how they understand who you are. Defining this will help establish your brand personality and will set you apart from your competitors.

In order to build a strong, cohesive and consistent brand identity you need to define the voice, tone and style of your brand. Successfully defining this would mean that even if your logo didn’t appear with your content, consumers would still be able to identify your brand.

However, the key part, and sometimes the hardest part, is to stick to and stay consistent. Your brand identity and voice is used across all communication so it must stay true to who you are.

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We believe brands built out of imagination, invention or innovation with a strong cause, have a responsibility and the power to contribute towards meaningful change in the world.

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