April 20th, 2018

After a supposed 17 minute bus ride took nearly 40 minutes, Fred Butler’s Harmonics in Space was just the therapy I needed to relax. The exhibition which is taking place at the NOW Gallery in North Greenwich from the 28th of February until the 29th of April offers visitors an antidote to SAD – seasonal defective disorder.

As I stepped inside the exhibition the mood felt relaxed and calm. Butler had created an environment for people to enjoy and bathe in the soothing light, colour and shape. The floor was made up of triangles with tetrahedrons built upon it which people were sitting against to chat with each other. These shapes were inspired by Butler’s study on Rudolph Laban’s theory ‘Harmonics in Space’, a theory that our bodies are formed of polyhedral shapes, with the first of which being a tetrahedron.

The grey of North Greenwich contrasted with the bright colours inside the gallery. Calming tones on the floor transformed into brighter, energising colours and gradients above. I sat down against one of the tetrahedrons and began to follow the instructions on the wall on how to fold my origami. This process helped me to fully immerse myself in the exhibition and create a memento of my day.

Feeling suitably refreshed I dipped my head in the healing light and left.

If your tetrahedron has become blocked due to constant deskwork or hunching over electronic devices I recommend you visit Fred Butler’s Harmonics in Space to take a step back from everyday life.