January 30th, 2017

Written by:
Naomi Bassey

January Round-up

It’s here, the first Hatched roundup of 2017! Looking back at January, it has definitely been the month of fighting off the sick bug that seemed to hit us with full force, taking out almost the whole office! Now that we are all back to full health (Berocca to hand), we have been preparing for a great year ahead and already on the go with some great projects.

What we have been working on:

EasyRedir is the leading URL redirection service, after being commissioned for the branding and website of Freeholdr, William Richards approached us again to get involved in his new venture, and it was a pleasure. We were tasked with evolving the ‘soft launch’ branding and website design into a new look-and-feel that felt unique, confident whilst conveying the values, ultimately making the proposition easy to understand. You can view the full project here.

We kicked off a new and exciting project for The Inland Waterways Association which will include, brand positioning and a new brand identity. With all creative and branding projects, we deliver a ‘cool wall’, ‘warm wall’ and ‘hot wall’ which ultimately means we take over all the Hatched walls, exploring and ideating until our heart’s content.

It’s very well known that January can be a very flat month, with people thinking about detoxes, spending less money, and staying wrapped up warm indoors during what is typically a very wet and cold time of year. Together with Cawston Press, we wanted to transform January into a much more enjoyable month to fight the January blues. Through a series of social posts, we suggested things-to-do, giveaways, motivational quotes, good news stories and more. It was an attempt to offer a little cheer and excitement to fight against the normal doom and gloom of the month.

We curated and created the hashtag #JUSTADDCAWSTON with the idea that no matter the time of day or situation, by adding Cawston Press, the occasion or moment will be lifted – change direction to make a positive difference.

Another Branding project is underway for Luxton Aesthetic as we establish a brand strategy, positioning and evolve the brand identity. Rebecca Luxton opened Luxton Aesthetics in 2007 with the main aim of making quality cosmetic treatments accessible for everyone. We are excited to see this project evolve and we will be sure to share more in the coming months.

Topics of the office:

It’s always a good month when we get to sip prosecco, eat cake and listen to Stevie Wonder, basically, we celebrate Hatched birthdays by having a mini children’s party for Ben and Lee’s birthdays.

As all January’s go, they will always be participants of the good old Dry January. This year we saw less involvement after the miserable attempt last year but in good spirits, we congratulate Andrew on not only giving up alcohol but also going meat free for the whole of January!

We are also on the lookout for a Junior designer to join the Hatched team, if that’s you, then have a read and apply here.

Cool stuff we have seen:

Sainsbury’s revealed their new campaign by Wieden + Kennedy, the pressure was on, as this was the first ad campaign to come from the agency and we must say we are pleasantly pleased.

The campaign continues to feature the legacy tagline ‘Live well for less’ but gives a whole new meaning to the statement. Merging the love of food with the expression of movement and dance to represent the joy of the simple things. Creative Directors Scott Dungate and Sophie Bodoh came to the conclusion of ‘Food Dancing’ – which ultimately is that moment when your cooking great food, listening to music and having a little dance.

What we have read:

What we are listening to:

Where we have been:

To help beat our January blues Tabitha escaped rainy London (lucky for some) to visit the ever so green Ireland. After hitting the pubs and singing until the vocal cords were numb she managed to squeeze in a visit to the Guinness Factory. Not only did Tabitha get to pour her own pint of the world’s most famous stout but the factory is home to their advertising hub. Delving into their archives she couldn’t help but appreciate John Gilroy’s work along the way.

Here are some of our favourite pieces:

We are excited to see what February brings, watch out for the next round-up.


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