Daisy Rogers

Project Assistant

Daisy Rogers

Fresh as a daisy

With a less ‘traditional’ route into the agency world, Daisy is from a fashion promotion background. Fresh out of uni and after a wealth of work experience she found her feet at Hatched.

Daisy’s role encompasses a whole variety of responsibilities, from project assistant, overseeing client work and investigating new business, to assisting with content collation and research for pitches and creative propositions. Daisy also has an eye for creativity, specialising in social engagement and user experience.

Outside of Hatched, Daisy loves a bowl of Coco Pops and can be found exploring London’s hidden gems, but more often than not, on some form of shopping spree.

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Fun Fact

Daisy has got the record for the world's quietest sneezes* – catch them if you can.

*yet to be proven as recording devices are yet to pick them up.