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Fliss Morse

Merry Flissmas

Fliss started out her career at the tender age of three, when she briefed herself to paint her parent’s living room in hand prints. Matisse, eat your heart out. From then on it was obvious that she was destined to live a creative life.

Gaining experience at some of Birmingham’s top agencies, Fliss found her way ‘The Big Smoke’ where she helped to brand and launch over eight startup companies – ranging from fashion, healthcare and luxury high-end travel – getting stuck into every challenge that came her way.

Fliss seamlessly transferred her creative diversity and routine positivity to Hatched, where she proudly works as part of the creative team across a range of different clients and projects. She’s naturally fascinated with brand storytelling and how to create smooth user journeys through all platforms – be it online or offline.

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Fun Fact

Fliss once shared a moment with Steven Fry where they cupped one another's faces. He called Fliss a "sardonic youngling". It was awkward. It was profound. It was perfect.