Natasha Barnden


Natasha Barnden

A forager for inspiration

Natasha has a love of design that tells a story. At Hatched, no two days are ever alike for Natasha, working across print and digital, where she brings her enthusiasm and curiosity to everything she works on. Her passion for creating brand personality through the interplay of words and visuals is central to all she designs.

Before making the leap into the world of design, Natasha worked in children’s book publishing where she got to work with designers and illustrators – and get a taste of setting briefs, whilst wanting to be the one answering them. Having come to design via a non-traditional route, Natasha fully appreciates having a career that is so much more than a day job, design is everywhere – from ogling over beer bottles in the pub to rating the posters on the underground, inspiration can be found everywhere.

When she’s not at Hatched, or seeking out exciting new things to do in London, Natasha loves nothing more than getting out into heaths and commons to forage, as well as fermenting kimchi and sauerkraut, and concocting sloe gin.

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Fun Fact

Natasha spent a year teaching five year olds in South Korea and can read the Korean alphabet.