January 7th, 2011

In 2010 Facebook users hit the half a billion mark, Twitter saw users post up to 90 million daily ‘tweets’*, and almost half 30-59 year olds cite the internet as their main source of information* – the point being? Well, it’s obviously not news to say that the internet has been growing year on year for the last decade and a bit (we all know that!) – but when you see stats like the above, it’s fair to say that 2010 saw it explode!!

What does this mean to the business owner? It means that the traditional mass-media platforms of old (TV, Radio, Press etc) have well and truely been flattened! No longer do businesses require massive-multi-million-pound marketing war-chests to compete – used correctly the far cheaper digital platforms of the web can form the hub of a very powerful marketing strategy! Note the use of ‘used correctly’ – a knee-jerk, ‘splatter-gun’ approach is not advocated!! Structured, considered use of digital media with the tactical integration of off-line media will see marketing budgets stretch a lot further and reap bigger rewards!

* stats from www.mashable.com