August 29th, 2018

Attention all Pit Masters…

…Barbecue Chefs, Designers and Creatives. I present to you one very beautiful campaign of the BBQ variety. Behold, The Bible of Barbecue.

This article explores a JWT campaign launched back in 2014 for the prestigious Brazilian brand Tramontina – a leader in kitchen supplies.

This campaign, in fact, inspired me to want to get into the creative world after three years of partying at university… and studying of course, but if you asked me why it inspired me, I’d struggle to give you a direct answer. There are a number of things that make it stand out, but overall it just carries this essence of brilliance that made me think “one day I am going to produce a campaign of this quality”.

The idea itself is awesome, the way it has been presented through its design and illustration is just smoking hot! And not only is it a great product; the film that goes with it is also perfect. I can imagine the whole process from start to finish was incredibly difficult and complex but the final result was worth it as the campaign is simply stunning.

Brief: Tramontina is the leader in barbecue accessories. But in a competitive market, the brand needed to make a statement and increase its respect among barbecue enthusiasts.

Solution: A book that not only tells you how to prepare the perfect barbecue: it actually helps you to make it.

Results: The book was delivered to restaurant chefs and was an immediate success, with thousands of people wanting a copy. It also gained its own exhibition in some of the finest barbecue restaurants in Brazil. The next brief was to turn the limited edition into a larger scale book to release worldwide.

The book is called Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco (The Bible of Barbecue) and was essentially created to prove that Tramontina is one of the leading brands in the barbecue world. Its main aim was to take people on a journey unlike no other through an innovative product.

Each page is a process. On the shelf, you may walk past it and see it as an ordinary book but what’s inside the book truly captures the entire process of becoming a BBQ-master in the coolest way possible. Interactive books have been done before (quick plug for the Book of Beyond we created for TOD) but this one, in my opinion, tops the lot. It’s an outstanding concept with an even better execution – a book with further use and purpose.

Take a look…

Cutboard Cover – The chopping board.

Charcoal Page – To be cracked and made into coal shards.

Salt Page – Tear up the page and salt will crumble onto the meat.

Aluminium Foil Page – A BBQ without a jacket potato isn’t a BBQ.

Knife Sharpening Page – Grind the knife against the sharpener.

Hand Fan Page – Hand-held fan to control the smoke and flame.

Inflammable Page – FIRE!

Tray Page – Ready to share.

Apron Page – Are you even a chef without an Apron?

Kitchen Cloth Page – Nice memento.

Placemat Page – Dinner is served.

The Artwork – I like everything about these Designs; the texture, typography, presentation. They present themselves as a modern twist on retro designs similar to some of the artwork more commonly known at Harley Davidson or P&Co. I would happily tear out each page of the book, frame it and keep them on my wall.

The Bible of Barbecue Film – Film, video, anything moving image related is a passion of mine and knowing how difficult it is to pull off a great piece of film, I have much admiration for what has been achieved in The Bible of Barbecue film. The framing, editing, tone, grade, music, cinematography and the story all fit together in a brilliant way to push boundaries when it comes to video marketing for a campaign. Something that is very important as videos are fast becoming one of the most powerful tools in marketing and we are in an age where brands are competing more than ever before as consumers want a direct connection with a brand or product, and this is exactly what The Bible of Barbecue film does – it’s not selling a product, its aim is to simply connect with its target audience and earn respect as a brand.


Nós todos amamos para churrasco (We all love to BBQ).
The premise of the Tramontina Brand is “the joy of doing things beautifully well”. What I enjoyed most about this is how everything about it seems so elegant, modern and beautiful. The design and artwork all the way through to the product itself and finishing with a stunning film isn’t an easy process and it’s the quality from end-to-end that helped inspire me to work in the creative industry with the hope to one day produce something as beautiful as this.

Campaign Release Date – May 05, 2014
Brand: Tramontina / Client: Tramontina / Agency: JWT – Brazil / Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John / Creative Director: Erick Rosa / Creative Director: Diego Wortmann / Head of Art: Fabio Simoes / Art Director: Lucas Reis / Copywriters: Sleyman Khodor , Patrick Matzenbacher, Lucas Tristao, Fernando Duarte / Photography: Regis Fernandez / Illustration: Estudio Olho Bala / Illustration: Lucas Reis / Production Company: Santa Transmedia / Director: Gustavo Gripe / Motion Designer: Guilherme Krolow / Filipe Birck / Director, Photography: Raul Krebs / Audio Production: Antfood
All photos belong to Tramontina.