April 5th, 2018

For our March edition of Why Not Wednesday we welcomed some very special guests to the Hatched studio. Human guests included the artist, Jenny Webber, who runs Wildlife Drawing, and reptile guests were Deano the big green iguana, as well as bearded dragons and a bosc monitor, called Roxy. We started the evening by getting to know our reptile muses.

Once everyone was acquainted, the lizards got into their poses. Being cold-blooded, lizards tend to conserve their energy by keeping still, so they were (generally) very well behaved!


With Jenny warming us all up with some quick-fire drawing exercises, then on hand to give us lots of feedback and tips, we got stuck into our life drawing.

We experimented with pencils, charcoals and pastels, as well as visually interpreting the personalities of our subjects (aka. adding sunglasses).

Jenny runs her workshops with the dual goals of sparking peoples’ creativity in a lighthearted but highly productive drawing session and encouraging people to get to know the animals in a new way. Taking the time to sit and really look at the lizards meant that we all noticed lots of details of form and behavioural quirks that you might miss if you just looked at these animals for a few minutes at the zoo.

As well as the novelty of the lizards, it was also a great change to all step away from the computers and get back to basics of looking and creating with zero input from the Adobe suite. It was also a lesson in focus; concentrating intently on one task without trying to multitask was really effective. I also loved her tip that when drawing, we should be spending the majority of our time looking, rather than letting your brain fill in the spaces with how you presume a lizard looks. It was a great reminder that we should continually be trying to look at things in new lights and challenging our own assumptions.

We all had a fantastic time, and I am really keen to go to one of Jenny’s other classes to try my hand at drawing other animals such as birds of prey and miniature pigs!