July 16th, 2018

For our July edition of Why Not Wednesday we took a peep at pop art. We were treated to a lesson in art history by Margaux, a Digital Designer here at Hatched, followed by the opportunity to create our own mini masterpieces.

The talk by Margaux gave us a brief history as well as a look at how pop art tropes have been used in advertising over the years, such as with Perrier’s lighthearted ‘small bubbles make it easier to swallow’ campaign.

After learning about pop artists’ idea of taking banal, everyday objects as their subjects, our first challenge was to scout out an object from around the studio and give it a pop art treatment.

We used acrylic paint and some nifty dotted stencils to achieve a quick, fun and easy pop art look.

This was just a warm up however, as Margaux had prepared some amazingly accurate pop art style illustrations of us all! Our challenge was to paint these in true pop art style and to add a quote.

Getting out the paints took us all back to our school days and we were totally engrossed – it was a great reminder of how enjoyable wielding a paintbrush is.