When Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth briefed us to help with their brand development and website design, we jumped at the chance. Our brief was to undertake a complete refresh of the Hospital’s online presence, including the main Hospital ‘hub’ website and all of the separate clinic/consultancy based ‘satellite’ sites. The Hospital’s heritage and values were important and needed to be reflected in a new online offering to patients, consultants and the wider community.

The website was in desperate need for an easier, more direct route for patients to get the relevant information they needed, while the consultants also needed to feel in control of their clinic and its communication. We had to balance these user experiences and carry them through to all 22 ‘satellite’ sites, so that brand communication was kept to a simple and consistent, networked manner.

We also recommended an update to all the individual clinic logos. This ‘evolution’ helped unify all the sub-brands of the Hospital into one clear family. Sharing similar positions and characteristics we created a graphic language that enabled users to navigate swiftly and easily through the hospital’s many online services.

The clean and clear design made it easier to communicate through visual language and signposting for all ages and abilities. We felt it vital to put real staff at the forefront of the website which made the brand more welcoming and approachable, especially in a practice where we go for help and reassurance.

We are very proud to have worked on the project for a client that works for such a great cause, the St. John’s Hospice – new website coming soon.