As part of the suite of work that we create for Cawston Press, we were briefed to create a way for their sales team to go out into the market and speak to, gain and retain their retail and wholesale clients without using the ‘same old’ powerpoint presentations, messy brochures and leaflets that only get thrown away. There needed to be an impact but the ‘sales pitch’ had to be short, to the point and interesting.

We wanted to make the sales team’s lives easier, so our idea was to create a Cawston Press Sales iPad App, where the team could go out into the field without a car-load of marketing material and sales ‘noise’, but still deliver the same amount of interesting content and the same message all at their fingertips.

We armed each salesman with an app-installed iPad, pre-loaded with information about the ranges of drinks, the history of the brand, sales and promotional material and more.

The result has been huge, not only in an upturn in sales, but in the relationships built just by doing something different to the competition. The app has also been used in trade shows around the country and continues to receive great feedback.