Cawston Press came to us looking for an idea for a window display at Wholefoods Market on Kensington High Street. Their brief was to promote the range of Cawston Press sparkling drinks ready for the summer time, that would also support a sampling event in store.

Everyone loves an ice cold beverage during the warm summer months, so what better way to make these mouth watering drinks even more tempting, than to transform the window into an enormous refrigerator? Working with the team at Tangent on Demand we designed and directed (and installed) a seriously ‘cool’ looking window display.

A striking, stand-out window display on this busy London street was pivotal. With the theme of enormous in mind, we designed and built four huge cans of Cawston Press. We then placed them on ‘refrigerated’ shelving encased in ‘ice’ and ‘frosting’. Floating sparkles, window vinyls and stacks of Cawston Press cans laced with ‘ice cubes’ completed the look, quite literally blowing the competition out of the sparkling water.