Dunne came to us for a full rebrand. Working closely with the directors we came up with a new brand positioning and identity. Dunne are a construction company that carry out both the design and build of projects across the residential and commercial sector.

Upon probing deeper into the brand we discovered that they’re passion for making people’s lives better through the way they would design and construct their buildings. They considered the end-user in everything they did, thinking about each element of the building in terms of how it might benefit the people that use it.

We coined the term for this approach; ‘Building Intelligence’ and used it as their strapline. It defined who they were, how they work and why they existed.

The brand identity is a visual representation of ‘Building Intelligence’. It’s dynamic in construction and utterly unique to the Dunne name, setting it apart from the competition and providing an instantly recognisable brand mark. The logo itself represents the two halves of the Dunne business; design and construction, coming together in harmony. It reflects the precision and accuracy with which they carry out their work and expresses the unity of the organisation and it’s dedication to delivering intelligent building solutions.