Our innovation – their advantage

The brief was to identify a strategic positioning for both the EquiLend and BondLend brands that lifted the business away from being perceived as a ‘commodity’ and moved them towards a more meaningful positioning, whereby EquiLend BondLend are the preferred technology and trading platform provider in the sector.

‘Our Innovation. Your Advantage’ was born out of insights gained from in-depth research and interviews with key personnel across the industry (both internal and external). Findings pointed to a type of person employed by EquiLend and a culture within the business that separated them from competitors. An unflinching commitment to challenge convention and provide a cutting-edge to their clients by consistently innovating and providing new technology.

Visually we built on the strapline by introducing a look-and-feel that was designed to capture this approach and culture. Using imagery, language and graphics that challenged the norms of the sector. Advertisements used language that demonstrated understanding and were delivered using
a tone of voice that felt human, avoiding jargon.