Our photography partner James Williamson has been working with us now for the better part of four years on a range of different clients and briefs. So it was nice when, having recognised how we work as an agency from the inside, he asked us to create his brand identity.

James is a gifted photographer, a brilliant partner and all round nice bloke (plus he makes a cracking cup of tea). When he briefed us we wanted to convey and capture all those things (maybe not the tea bit).

What you see is what you get with James, he’s very honest, very open and speaks and works in plain black and white – no faff. We used this ethos to create James’s brand. We’ve utilised black and white to border the brand as the two ends of the light spectrum, something all photographers have to balance. The grey symbolises the ‘everything in between’; it symbolises the placeholder for the photograph – the moment. This creates a simple, striking but neutral foundation for his colourful and magnificent work (those moments) to really stand out. No gimmicks just subtle touch points and indications along with stunning imagery.