The aim of The Kairos Collective is to be a curated, online marketplace that assemble contemporary brands and new names in furniture, lighting, ceramics, crafts and the decorative arts.

Tanya, our very passionate client came to us with only a name and wanted a brand identity and mark that matched her aspirations for it.

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment – a supreme moment.
We created a unique, refined typeface that reflected, not only modern, contemporary ambitions of the company, but also referenced the Greek heritage of the name.

The business cards were made of differing textures and a metallic foil that convey the range and diversity of materials that make up the ranges of The Kairos Collective coming together in unity.

The short hand mark for The Kairos Collective is made from the ‘K’ of Kairos and the ‘C’ of Collective. It represents an eye that scours the globe to find their products and a corner of a room where that product may sit.