Prickett & Ellis Brand Identity


Prickett & Ellis

Branding inspired by 250 years of heritage.

Family led Estate Agent Prickett & Ellis briefed us to help them align their brand identity with their ambition to become North London’s leading Estate Agent, as well as its most experienced. With a 250 year heritage and the opening of its seventh office, we wanted to create a brand identity that represented and celebrated their true values in an industry that can sometimes be hard to fully trust or understand.

The rebrand allowed us not only to identify a new look-and-feel but define the brand positioning, tone of voice and updated brand values to create a coherent structure that stands boldly in a highly competitive market. Our journey into their 250 year old brand archives helped us to hone and utilise key brand elements that still remain true today. The logo design and typeface were inspired by legislation papers, ads and notices from over a century ago, but are now balanced with a contemporary, modern feel and striking colour palette that the brand can own. We also created a one-off “250 years” logo to mark this historic landmark in the brand’s heritage.

What we have managed to establish is a premium, well-rounded, consistent brand that, in the past, had so often fallen victim of internal and external brand confusion. It’s a brand that Prickett & Ellis, as an independent company, are deeply proud of, and one that we are too.