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Refillabell shop and brand creation





Watford's first refill store.

Founded in 2020, by Sameer Kassam, Vishal Jain and Jane Hopkins, ‘Refillabell’ is Watford’s first zero-waste refill store. Their mission is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our daily lives and to become the community’s ‘go-to’ store for shopping without packaging.

The idea of recycling and reusing as much as possible is also reflected in their name choice. Before becoming a zero-waste shop, it was a chemist shop run by Mrs Abell for over 40 years. To capture the store’s history and add a new meaning to it, the name ‘Refillabell’ was coined, adding the ‘Refill’ to the existing Abell, and reusing the ‘Abell’ green and font.

Together we are Abell

Refillabell’s vision is to provide a unique and fun shopping experience for the local community while helping out our planet.

It is a call to action for the customers to live a more zero-waste lifestyle through buying high quality, ethically produced goods from sustainable sources, and eliminating single-use plastic packagings.

A bright and vivid colour palette and playful typography represented of the rough and ready, imperfect world of up-cycling and zero waste industries.



After a slow and steady start due to the pandemic, RefillAbel has gone from strength to strength within its community. Sourcing more and more sustainable products and innovating their shop space to be as self-sufficient as possible. The branding has brought a unified, consistent visual identity and personality to the local community. The re-used, repurposed, and ultimately, upcycled name of ABEL (the pre-existing chemist shop that they replaced) has become their internal mission in everything they do.

Its been a pleasure to work alongside such a responsibly driven business and a pioneering template for society going forward.

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