Sternberg Clarke, one of our very first clients at Hatched, came to us to ask for an update to their website in which we were to consider a new homepage design, use on mobile and touch screen technology and better SEO functionality. Although the website was performing well it was getting close to four years old and needed and bit of updating to match up with the current ways in which people are using technology. Sternberg Clarke have always prided themselves on being at the forefront of their industry and what they do and they wanted the updated website to sit with that value.

We updated the entire website to sit on a new, custom responsive grid and mobile navigation system. We made sure we maintained and improved the use of impactful imagery and an easy-to-navigate experience. As well as updating size of typography, buttons sizes and so on for accessibility and touch screen best practise, we also improved audio/video areas for the act directory and the search functionality throughout the website – where you can now search for an act from any page and from any location of that page.

The website has already picked up ‘Website of the Day’ from and, and has been listed on many other recognised design and build showcases.