One of our first clients, University Partnership Programme (UPP) recently asked us to create a brand identity for the launch of their new charitable foundation. The UPP Foundation awards grants to universities, charities and other higher education areas in support of the sector as a whole. They are going to be tackling issues within four main themes; ‘Access and Retention’, ‘Employability’, ‘Civic University’ and ‘Global Citizens’.

Using the UPP chevron from the logo, we’ve created a brand identity that pays homage to the core UPP branding but balances and celebrates the Foundation’s offering. This means that throughout the brand, we are able to break the identity down into four components to represent each theme.

The collection of the four chevrons pointing towards a centre point creates the foundation logo mark. This shows the unity and togetherness of all the themes and the Foundation. The bright colour scheme shows a youthful brand who are assisting with the progression and future of students. A positive feel for a positive organisation.