May 8th, 2015

Brand communication is what we offer as a business. Unfortunately, a lot of the time this gets misconstrued as just ‘branding’ or ‘brand identity’. We of course offer both of those things but they are only part of ‘brand communication’, which to us means so much more.

Clear communication is the key to the success for any brand. The line of this communication has to be not only clear, but current, relevant and true.

Each brand (and each audience) is different, for behind each brand and audience are people – individuals, each differing from one another, sometimes slightly, sometimes extremely; each with their own personality, style and goals.

This human element is what we find hugely important. This is where brands can truly connect, this is where emotion is and where good brand communication can exist.

We believe that behind any great brand is a clear reason to exist. The ‘why’ a brand does what it does, the ‘what’ the brand does and the ‘how’ the brand does it. Understanding the brand, utilising its values, positioning and championing why it exists, sets up a ‘central nerve centre’ – a hub that all communication can flow through, from brand broadcast to brand conversation.

Once this nerve centre is in place you can start to arm the brand with the many different ways of communicating. However, it’s important that these tools are used properly. The brand must identify who it wants to speak to and why before diving into a certain media channel or outlet for the sake of it. It has to feel real and it has to be relevant – there has to be a purpose or a pulse (that human element) and not ‘just because’.

Brand Communication

Brand communication is a voice. It humanises any brand to be able to create real and relevant conversations with people. Connections that may last a moment or that last for a lifetime.

How this voice transpires, what it says and how it says it are where we help. This is what we do. We use design, branding, advertising and technology to establish and transmit the voice of the brand.

Take a look at how we’ve helped our clients and their brands, or get in touch for a chat and find out how we can help you and your brand. Thanks.

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