October 2nd, 2023

In the world of brand storytelling, there’s a mythological tale of a lone agency ‘planner’ labouring behind closed doors, fiercely guarding the secrets of their craft, wrapped in years of experience, working with ‘big brands’

Some agencies consider the creative process akin to a magician’s trick – with a mysterious velvet curtain obscuring the mechanics of their act. While this ‘veil of mystery’ might add an air of allure, it can inadvertently create distance between agency and client. So, at Hatched, our approach is different. It’s taken some time to get to this point, but it works and we have proven results. We recognise the importance of demonstrating our processes and view our clients not just as bystanders, but as valued partners within a process that needs to be collaborative and, most importantly, fun!

Ripping down the velvet curtain

Opening up agency processes creates transparency that builds trust and helps to build stronger relationships with our clients. It allows for a collaborative atmosphere where both sides are engaged in shaping the story. In the end, this not only creates magic in the work that represents the brand, but magic in a lasting partnership.

An open book… of spells

In the early stages of brand creation, or any creative process, the initial ‘magic’ spark is crucial. But it’s the subsequent collaborative spells that add layers, depth, and authenticity. So it’s important that we all gather around the cauldron as one team. By treating the brand’s guardians as trusted assistants in this process, writing the magic together, we infuse any creative potions with industry insights that we may not inherently possess. After all, who understands a brand better than those who live and breathe it daily?

Shared ‘wiz’dom

The true enchantment of a brand narrative emerges when the creative agency and the brand team can come together with a positive, collaborative attitude. The shared wisdom each possess ensures a creation that is both innovative and deeply rooted in the brand’s ethos, values, and responsibility to its audience. At Hatched, our partnership with clients is grounded in this belief. We cherish the expertise our clients bring, understanding that their industry knowledge is precious. 

A cauldron brimming with collaboration

Constructive analysis and collaboration doesn’t dilute our process; they enhance it. By opening our agency doors and inviting our clients in, we at Hatched are not just offering transparency but also acknowledging the invaluable insights they bring. While there might be moments of separation, these are seen as opportunities for richer incantations and more nuanced outcomes.

Conjuring transparent brand narratives

Our commitment at Hatched London is to uphold this true magic of open collaboration. Through transparent processes, recognising the immense value of our clients’ insights, and emphasising shared responsibilities, we aim to craft narratives that not only captivate but also ring true.

Embark on this journey of co-creation and transparency with us, no hocus pocus, no vanishing tricks, no palming off,no sleight of hand, no misdirection

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