October 1st, 2023

We’ve worked with EasyRedir on a variety of projects over the last seven years including branding, UX and web design. After a successful tender process, we are incredibly excited to announce out continued collaboration with EasyRedir on their latest project, to build on work to date. From the first brand project and website design that helped establish EasyRedir, to the continued modernisation and iterations across the platform since, we’ve had a lot of fun working with founder & CEO, William Richards and the team and are excited to be involved again.

“The Hatched team understands our business and how we need to evolve. We were blown away by the quality and range of their creative work. We chose Hatched because we didn’t want to be just another lookalike SaaS brand. We want to be unique, distinct and trusted.”

– Matt Hayles, Head of Marketing, EasyRedir

“It’s been a really fun creative journey with EasyRedir. Now, in this new evolution we’re excited to continue to push the EasyRedir brand further than ever before. We look forward to being able to grow on the success of a continued relationship and upon the work completed in partnership over the last seven years.”

– Lee Casey, Creative Director, Hatched