EasyRedir Brand Identity & Website Design



A URL redirection brand made easy.

Having previously commissioned Hatched for the Freeholdr branding and website design project, William Richards asked us to get involved with his new venture, EasyRedir, the leading URL redirection service.

The brief was to take the ‘soft launch’ branding and website design and evolve it into a look-and-feel that felt unique, bold and made the business proposition easy to understand. We needed to simplify the perception of complex web technology into an accessible and approachable tool for individual users and businesses alike.

Whilst we didn’t move too far away from the initial designs, we softened the visual identity and used bright colours to convey a bolder, easier way to redirect the web. The circles represent a very simplified world wide web, where connections and redirects are made clearer, flatter and easier to grasp, all with the use of EasyRedir. The website design keeps content, design and user journeys straight-forward and easy to follow, enabling users to understand the offering without distraction or complication.