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BioBeats Brand Identity and Website



Improving wellbeing for everyone.

BioBeats began as a tech start-up that originally created an app that generated custom music to match your heart-rate. Now they create digital products that change the way people look at, deal with and take control of their overall wellbeing.

The fundamental aspects of the business had evolved, grown and changed to what was no longer in-line with the culture, products and aspirations of the company. So they came to Hatched for a complete brand strategy, identity and design overhaul.


The Heartbeat

Listen to the beat. Improve wellbeing. Repeat.

We positioned BioBeats to be open with, and demonstrate, their belief that a better understanding of mental health or stress can help to prevent the onset of physical disease. This understanding comes through measurement, and by measuring via their digital products, such as BioBase, they are able to create improved products which serve as a better form of clinical therapy and support. This positioning set out a brand mission and purpose, and therefore mindset, for everyone working with or for BioBeats.

While the products are AI driven, the brand and business behind them are not. We wanted to humanise the brand by pushing away from terms like ‘artificial’. We felt that the hard-working, super-intelligent people behind BioBeats, and everything they do to improve wellbeing, are what makes the brand what it is. Whilst the internal mantra felt like a driving, (almost) robotic tone making their mission simple, in the middle of that is a very human purpose. This became the strapline for the brand, where we nod to Artificial Intelligence through highlighting letters: Improving Human Wellbeing.


The Website

The science behind the products, which aims to understand mental health and its relationship to the body, is incredibly complex.

Therefore, the website experience needed to be easy to understand, easy to read and quick to digest. We wanted to keep the website simple, using bold statements about what it is BioBeats believe in and are trying to do, cutting out complication or over-explanation, adding subtle yet delightfully playful animation and movement.


The products are where we wanted to keep the science, learning and involved user interaction. Therefore we kept the website as a very modest but exciting platform for vital information.



Since the rebrand BioBeats have gone from strength to strength, leading the way in digital health and artificial intelligence. They have recently closed a £2.4M funding round led by Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI), White Cloud and IQ Capital. The new investment will support the company as they focus on delivering their cutting-edge wellbeing solutions to a global audience. It has also enabled the pilot launch of their latest app product, BioBase in conjunction with the BioBeam, a wearable technology that syncs to the app, all housed in a concise hierarchy underneath the master brand of BioBeats.

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