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JAA Rebrand and Website


John Ayling & Associates

The original independent media specialist.

Founded in 1978 by John Ayling OBE, John Ayling & Associates (JAA) is the original independent media specialist. With over 40 years’ experience, they provide strategy, planning and buying for marketers, creating valuable partnerships with their clients, always pushing the potential of the creative and communication further.

However, their branding, identity and website did not reflect the forward thinking mentality of their company. Therefore, we were tasked with updating the brand, creating new brand guidelines and redesigning the website to simply but effectively communicate what the brand does, their values, their portfolio and a simple path to get in touch.

The Heartbeat

Innovating 40 years of experience.

Established for over 40 years, JAA has one thing that its competitors don’t; experience, so it was vital to incorporate the brands rich heritage with it’s innovative and collaborative way of working. The strategy therefore was to create new branding and a website that would reflect this partnership.
Before any designing could begin, the first objective was to get a real understanding of JAA; what they did, how they worked and their process, in order to really understand them as a brand and how they had got to where they are today.

Signed off with experience

The unique signature is a nod to their heritage, a seal of approval and quality that brings a personal feel that helps to humanise the brand.

The typography represents the journey of the business, the changing weights of the font visually depicts the evolution of the company from it’s original founding partner to it’s successfully expanded group of partners and associates that make up the agency what it is today.

Making media shine

As part of the rebrand, we looked at the colour palette. It was previously muted and didn’t reflect the forward-thinking ideas of the brand. So we added a bright and bold orange that sits alongside a traditional British dark blue.


A digital business card

Within their day-to-day work, JAA wants to make the process with their clients as simple, seamless and easy as possible, and they wanted their website to reflect this, almost acting like a digital business card. Achieving this, we have designed and developed a slick and simple, one page site that clearly communicates the values of the brand, showcases their work and creates a clear path to contact them.


The new look and feel have firmly brought JAA back into the 21st century, giving it a new lease of life. Tying together the brands rich heritage and it’s pioneering way of thinking, the website and branding now truly reflect why JAA is such a respected and renowned media agency.

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