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Ostique Branding & Website Design




Healthcare, Technology

Designed with life in mind

Existing ostomy care products and appliances have had minimal developments made to them over the years which has resulted in ostomates (people living with a stoma) day-to-day life affected both physically and mentally due to current product limitations and lack of choice. 

However Ostique, who make innovative ostomy care products that are unconditionally inclusive to empower its users, were looking to change that. With ambition to really make a difference in the sector, we were briefed on the design and development of the brand to reflect who they are as a business, as well as developing a website.

The heartbeat

Empowering people living
with a stoma.

With ostomy care products having such an integral role in the day-to-day life of ostomates and with the brand coming from a place of care with the intention to do good for people, it was important that the brand connected to the audience – removing lines between internal and external – making a brand for everyone.

When looking at the brand purpose, responsibility, values, positioning and strapline, we really wanted to install the belief that everyone living with or adapting to life with a stoma deserves ostomy care that not only delivers on functional needs, but that holistically understands stigmas and challenges that people with stomas will face, both physically and mentally.

The purpose is to empower people living with a stoma and make everyday life easier which is a sentiment that directly inspired the strapline – designed with life in mind.


Rebalance everyday life living with a stoma.

For the logo mark, we wanted to bring to life the thinking behind the brand strategy. The logo’s shape appears soft and organic representing the more health and wellbeing side of the brand, but it has a clear purposeful construction to convey the elite technical innovation side of the product. The opposing shapes within the logo became an amalgamation of graphical motifs from the brand values and product pillars, resulting in an entirely unique and memorable brand mark.

Live confident, live undefined

With Ostique still very much in the process of establishing themselves as a brand and going through testing of prototypes, we wanted to design them a website that was simple and slick, whilst establishing an online presence for them within the sector.
The website effectively communicates who they are as a brand as well as what they do, making it easy for their audience as well as a healthcare professional to understand.

The Results

For a brand that is so sensitively ingrained in the lives of its audience it was important to get the branding and the website correct. 

By working closely with CEO, Stephanie Monty and COO, Toni Schneider we were able to create a successful brand identity that challenges and changes how ostomy care products are designed, delivered and ultimately perceived. We look forward to seeing how Ostique continues to challenge the sector and grow as a company.

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