Greensand Ridge Distillery Brand Identity


Greensand Ridge Distillery

Sustainability distilled and served.

The Greensand Ridge Distillery is a sustainable distillery located in the stables of a Victorian coach house. Inspired and named after its location, the Greensand Ridge is a line of hills which surrounds the Weald of Kent and Sussex.

Founded with careful consideration to sustainability, the distillery uses 100% renewable energy and surplus crops from local farmers, within the Ridge, as ingredients helping to mitigate the global food waste issue. This has resulted in a sustainable business that has a truly positive impact on the environment and the local community.

Together, with the founder, Will Edge, we worked tirelessly on the brand and packaging to create a unique bottle label that would balance the traditions of distilling with the contemporary mindset of the distillery.

The Victorian coach house in which the distillery lies provided us with a unique view through a gateway arch out onto the Greensand Ridge. This view inspired the shape of the label and a modern geometric interpretation of the ridge itself. These design motifs have become consistent throughout the entire range, with highlights including London Dry Gin, Barrel Aged Gin, Wealden Rum and Plum Brandy to name a few.