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No.1 Living Kombucha Health Shots


No.1 Living

Drinks, full of life.

No.1 Living was founded in 2018 by England’s Rugby World Cup hero, Jonny Wilkinson. After his own experiences of mental illness. Jonny created and based the brand on his positive outlook on wellbeing and wanted to bring a fresh perspective to healthy living by connecting what we eat and drink to how we feel.

Gut health is central to the No.1 Living’s proposition. Every product within the expanding No.1 living range is full of flavour and naturally rich in live cultures that can help improve your gut health and in turn, because of its close connection to the brain, mental health.

Having worked on the branding, website, social and packaging for the last few years with No.1 Living, we were briefed to help create the new packaging design for a new range of Kombucha Health Shots.


The new Kombucha Health Shots follow in the footsteps of No.1 Living’s sparkling kombucha drinks and their kefir waters. They are small, intense shots of complex flavours and healthy goodness.

These are purposefully designed to appear clinical in tone to hero the complex health benefits that the drinks contains. This is then contrasted by fluorescent, eye-catching colour pairings, full of life, for instant shelf recognition and an obvious differential from the existing No.1 living product range, as well as other, more basic health shot competitors.


These kombucha health shots are unique to the market and contain naturally sourced ingredients, offering cognitive and brain health in one and an immunity booster in the other. Both drinks, like all No.1 Living drinks, are packed with pro-biotic live cultures.

Not only does the product in its contents and colour therefore align to the ‘Full of Life’ brand proposition, but so too does the vibrancy in the design of the packaging.


The drinks have just hit the shelves and initial sales have been very positive. The general feedback on social media has been excellent but it’s too early to determine the full impact for No.1 Living and its customers.

That said, No.1 Living now has a striking new complement to their ever-expanding range of drinks products that continue to enforce the brand and its responsibility through wellbeing.

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