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No.1 Living E-commerce & UX Website Design


No.1 Living

Get more out of living.

As a result of the quickly changing FMCG market and the impact experienced from the global COVID-19 pandemic, No.1 Living wanted to change their focus, strengthening their digital proposition and switching to an e-commerce model, so that their customers could still get their favourite No.1 Living drinks delivered directly to home.
Having worked closely with the No.1 Living brand for the last few years, we were briefed with growing their online distribution strategy by designing and launching a new e-commerce and subscription based website. Our objective was to improve the UX and design of the existing website so that it focused on a fully integrated Shopify approach that could grow with the business.

The heartbeat

Drink life in.

When it comes to their products, No.1 Living don’t just make drinks that taste great. Instead, everything has been crafted specifically with gut health and mental wellbeing in mind, and each product within the expanding No.1 Living range, is rich in live cultures and packed full of nutritional goodness.

Therefore, it was vital that the passion and values that are central to the No.1 Living brand were clearly reflected in their online offering. Seamlessly integrated into their existing website using the well established branding, the new Shopify e-commerce platform showcases their full product offering and allows for a subscription model as part of the new customer experience.

Simpifying the path to purchase.

With the change to an e-commerce led website, the new user strategy needed to follow a simplified path to purchase. We did this by considering three main avenues of engagement before customer commitment; shop, brand and inspiration.

With these three pillars in place for customer acquisition, we were able to create a sitemap whereby all roads lead to purchase, without feeling pushy, by adding value. In balancing the ‘product push’ with purpose ful brand information and supporting article content, sales became a comfortable and convenient part of the experience rather than the only part of it.

Making nutritional information simple to understand.

In order to make the shopping experience as simple for a user as possible, making the nutritional information for each of the products visible as quickly and as understandably as possible was key to converting views into sales. To do this we created a full suite of icons that simply showed the benefits within each of the different drinks. Each icon was then given a rollover state, providing the user further information if required.


Showcasing products with refreshed photography.

After the success of our previous in-house photography shoot and coupled with the launch of a variety of new product ranges, we once again reached for the camera and set about expanding the bank of visual assets.

This time, as well as showcasing the drinks and their flavours, we focused on the lifestyle and wellbeing side of each of the products. By placing the drinks front and centre, we were able to capture a wide range of natural, day-to-day scenarios around the products, with a view to showing the versatility of the drinks and bring each of the products to life.

The Results

With a quickly changing market and the direct impact experienced from COVID-19, the new e-commerce and subscription model platform has proven to be an essential tool for the No.1 Living brand to build and grow a loyal customer base. The new website has a cleaner, more e-commerce focused design that helps to showcase the growing variety of products whilst effectively educating the consumer about the No.1 Living brand and their passion for health and wellbeing. Our intention is for the website to generate considerably more online sales, not just during the pandemic, but for the long run, so that it can equal or even outsell third-party in-store sales, as well as having a website that can become an educational tool for wellbeing and health as the content strategy for the brand begins to grow.

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