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Quorso branding and website design



Effortlessly improving business performance.

Voted one of 2019’s top UK start-ups, Quorso is a tech company on a mission to make growth and profitability effortless for the world’s biggest businesses.

Despite developing a highly complex tool, they struggled to visually communicate their product to the world in a way they were happy with, going through multiple logo and website redesigns since the company’s inception.

We were asked to strip the brand back to basics and reinvigorate its mis-aligned and dated look to better reflect their modern and agile approach to business. Our task was to create a brand experience that showcased the complexity of the Quorso product but with a more understandable and humanistic approach.

Setting the rules

Before you break the rules, you've got to make them...

With only the logo, core typeface and small colour palette to build upon, the initial task was to expand the existing range of visual assets and create a complete look-and-feel that elevated the Quorso brand from being just a product.
The colour palette was paired back to just two hero colours and both were given a broader range of tones and a set of complimentary neutrals, resulting in a far more versatile palette.

A modern serif, secondary typeface was added to highlight important and interesting information and finally, an accent shape was created to use as a texture in backgrounds and alongside other assets to tie everything together and give the brand depth, of which there was plenty.

Modular design and UI kit

As a start-up, Quorso wanted a website that not only best represented the brand, but was able to evolve as they did. This is why we created a website that used modular design – pages can easily be created, are flexible in their design and new technologies or features can quickly be added, without having to completely redesign the website.

Taking the new palette of brand assets, we created a detailed UI kit and full range of modules to fit every purpose. These were then pieced together to fit to the desired content and strategy.

Realistic illustrations

Tech companies and their products can often be tricky to humanise and the cliché cheesy, impersonal stock imagery was something we did not envisaged for Quorso.

Partnering with Handsome Frank, we commissioned illustrator Andrew Lyons to create a bespoke style of illustration that portrayed relatable characters and genuine situations, whilst still leaving room for users’ imaginations to fill in any blanks with their own requirements.

Simply crafted Iconography

Icons act as a visual aid, quickly making content more understandable for the user. To reflect the core value of ‘effortlessness’ within the Quorso product and brand,
we created a full set of minimal, line drawn icons that simply illustrate their purpose. These were given a modern feel with an offset secondary colour pairing and sat within the brand shape asset to create continuity when used throughout collateral.

Writing the rule books

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

When a brand’s identity is cohesive, it increases their perceived value. Whether someone visits their website, sees a business card, or sees their social media marketing, they receive an impression of the brand outside of the content they consume.

Having set rules and brand restrictions makes it much easier to communicate a consistent brand identity across a wide range of digital and printed collateral.

To ensure that the new rules were understood and adhered to we created a detailed digital UI kit alongside a full brand guidelines document outlining all of the available brand assets, how they should be used across all formats and showed their best practices.

Designed in clear chapters, the document was created in such a way that relevant information could be pulled out as and when required, effortlessly.



For most brands living in today’s day and age, considering digital first is often best practice. To be able to create the website as the brand’s flagship marketing collateral has proved the value of that digital first mentality. Especially for a brand creating digital products.
We’ve been able to work in partnership with Quorso to build a brand look-and-feel that demonstrates their unique brand offering as well as their product, in very easy to understand communication through the website experience that creates more of an empathetic and functional user journey from landing experience through to product demo.

We’re looking forward to how the audience engages with the new branding and website, and looking forward to helping progress the brand further.

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