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EasyRedir Website Design



Pointing you in the right direction.

Whether you’re looking for secure HTTPS redirection, link analytics or website migration, EasyRedir have everything you need covered. With clients such as Harvest, Eurostar and Ding, an expansive range of tool features and boasting incredible customer support, it’s no wonder that EasyRedir has quickly become the world’s leading URL redirection service.
Having previously worked with the EasyRedir team to create the brand identity and create a unique and easy to understand look-and-feel, it was time to update their digital presence; creating a website that projected the growth and success of the EasyRedir platform and instil a confidence of the brand in new prospect customers.

The Heartbeat

Before moving forward, we had to look back.

With the initial brand creation happening several years prior, our initial task was to refresh and expand the existing range of visual assets. Our goal was to move the brand forward and create room to evolve alongside their customers and services. We set about creating a rounded look-and-feel that elevated the EasyRedir brand from being a handful of team members, to a fast moving and established company, easily able to handle some of the largest businesses in the world.
A pattern was created using the brand colour palette and existing circle and connections style to give the impression of movement, furthering the concept of redirection. A modern serif typeface was added to compliment the current brand typeface to soften titles and to highlight important information. Finally, a palette of UI assets such as background textures, colours and button styles was created to provide continuity through the website.

Modular Design Style

With this evolution the goal was to create a website that not only elevated the brand but was also able to evolve over time. With this is mind, we took a modular approach to the design which meant that the pages are flexible, can quickly be created from scratch and any new technologies can easily be incorporated without having to completely redesign the website. It also means that through the tactical repetition of specific modules, users would quickly understand where to look for content, by using the same visual cues throughout the design.

Simplistic Iconography

One of the biggest challenges we often face when designing for complex technology based companies is making their offering accessible and easily understandable to the full range of prospective users.

As an answer to this problem, we created a full set of icons that quickly showcased the products features and solutions in a simple and visual manner. These were all designed in the minimal EasyRedir style and were coloured using the brand colours to further the look-and-feel throughout the website.

Contemporary Illustrations

Previous iterations of the site had used very generic stock imagery to try and soften complex and heavily technical areas of content. This time we wanted to move away from this and instead with the help of illustrator, Tara McLaughlin, create a set of bespoke illustrations. These portrayed abstract characters in more conceptual situations with the aim of bringing warmth and a more human feel to the tech heavy pages.



For a company that is truly centred around the digital world, the evolution of their website was an important task. Making sure that we fully understood what EasyRedir could offer before even thinking about designing was crucial to getting the new web experience right.
By working closely with founder, William Richards, we were able to create a website that is simple to use and easily understandable to users across all sectors. We also managed to create a cohesive look-and-feel that’s warm and welcoming, whilst clearly elevating the EasyRedir brand to sit comfortably among its global client list and keep that acclaim of being the world’s leading URL redirection service.

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