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UX, Website Design & Branding – Profitroom



Reconnecting hoteliers with their guests

With the Covid-19 pandemic and multiple lockdowns worldwide, the public health crisis severely struck the tourism and hotel industry. In order for the industry to recover, effective communication between hoteliers and their customers has been critical.

We were incredibly excited to be briefed on the design and development of Profitroom’s new website and brand evolution, helping them to connect hoteliers with their audience again.

This new digital presence looked at capturing engagement through a landing experience that focuses on understanding its users. Based on 4/5* hotelier aspirations (premium to luxury market), we were able to form the foundation of UX and UI design of the new website.

The heartbeat

Reservations without reservation

As well as having to deal with the pandemic, the hospitality industry has become over saturated by online travel agents that have tried to dominate the sector and in turn disconnect hoteliers from their guests.

By innovating the website and showcasing Profitroom’s incredible benefits we are helping to make reservations about the hotelier again – allowing reservations without reservation.

This brand proposition inspires a sense of ease and hassle-free reliability – an offering that can guide and aid them in business conversion. It also aligns to a more luxury market, whereby this is exactly what you’d expect. Installing this mentality across the website has unified creative thinking and visual style.

Redefining brand purpose

The previous purpose of the brand was all revenue driven and about maximising profits. Although this is important, it felt short-term, cold and corporate.

We redefined the purpose to make it not only about revenue but also about reputation, respect and respite – “Giving the power of reservations back to the hotelier.”

The purpose is now much more humanistic and long-term in its vision, emotive and empowering. It is focussed on the user outside of profit margins, giving them more control over their business and saving them on third party expenditure.

Unify UX and UI to serve a brand narrative

The hotel booking process is the first and the most fundamental step in a guest’s journey, from booking to checkout. It is the key to the success of any hotel business. That’s why it’s critical to present Profitroom as a digital expert who demonstrates explicit and concise knowledge of the hotelier’s products and services. This insight and exploration formed the foundation of the site’s architecture and user experience. The idea is that Profitroom not only is the most premium and best performing SaaS platform on the market, but employing it can make everything easier, taking away the stress and working hard for the hotelier.

Our goal was to encourage brand conversion and lead generation by understanding the website’s purpose and balancing it with the user’s primary needs. We studied the user flow strategy to look at how we tie user needs and business objectives together. In doing so, we created an experience that delivers the relevant and proper content to the user along their journey through a specified call to action.

Though analytics showed users primarily using desktop, we expanded our strategy for every device and based our designs on our mobile-first approach. The design tends to be more direct on smaller sizes, removing noise and distraction for the user.


The Results

The brand and website’s evolution away from a tech and software driven look-and-feel towards something more contemporary and focussed on mirroring the audience’s aspirations allows Profitroom to reach its goal of connecting with their audience. By showing an understanding of the end-user, the brand enhances its narrative into a meaningful brand story.

The new website also helps Profitroom to achieve its purpose by assisting independent hoteliers in improving their reach, user experience, and maximising revenue.

We are proud to have built this project that is the first stage in helping towards Profitroom’s goal to become one of the top three companies in the travel industry by 2024.

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