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Capitals Coalition UX & Website Design


Capitals Coalition

United behind a new decision-making process

In January 2020 both Natural Capital Coalition and Social & Human Capital Coalition united to form Capitals Coalition. The alliance of over three hundred advocates and experts in their field, working collaboratively to ensure a collective approach to connecting the commercial world to a fresh outlook on decision making and how they affect and inform the world.

Our brief was to create a new website platform for Capitals Coalition. The intelligent distillation and migration of content onto a new platform had to be approached with a clear UX strategy, coupled with a future-facing technical solution that could match the business requirements, functional needs and third party plug-ins, that would be the engine room of the final product.


The Heartbeat

Connection and collaboration over competition.

We felt the fundamental route to success of this brief was to create an online platform that showcases how Capitals Coalition work collaboratively with businesses to ensure they are run with ethically, that they benefit nature, humanity and society as a whole.

Our vision was to show Capitals Coalition as the conduit for a better world through business, finance and government, redefining value to transform decision making. Therefore the website has been designed and created as a hub of content that demonstrates all the good a collaborative approach can do for business and the world – to encourage working together rather than against each other for collective gain and advantage to the world.

UX strategy

With a content-heavy site, the challenge was to create smooth navigation and a sophisticated design without appearing cluttered. A lot of careful planning and user journey based design allowed us to determine some key audience requirements to employ; such as the filter system and the search and a tag functionality. These developments enable the user to jump to a specific area of the website without laborious browsing by providing quick access to specific content categories.

Our priority was to be mobile-friendly by simplifying and specialising the content on a smaller device. By providing a good user experience on mobile, we increased the discoverability with a view to bring relevant content to the forefront with the aim to increase and peak interest and conversion.

UI design

We developed a UI design with bright colours and minimalist icons to quickly signpost categories and sectors. These features were able to boost usability and strengthen navigation as most users perceive and decode images faster than words. Striking an impeccable balance between a captivating look and an effortless interaction, the digital evolution of the brand through our interface design has led Capitals Coalition to review their offline visual identity in parallel.


The Results

The website’s evolution and design has helped to move a scattered and heavy platform into an accessible and engaging digital-first brand. The new website has allowed Capitals Coalition to reach a bigger audience, to spread their methodology in more ethical business practices. By demonstrating all the good outcomes from their decision-making process, it will allow the brand to enlarge its community, creating a more significant impact on the world and we are very pleased to be a part of that process.

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