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Donation and community involvement made easy.

The primary purpose of the complete suite of websites for The Hospital of St. John & St. Elizabeth is to raise awareness of, fund and support St. John’s Hospice. Each of these websites point to the new hospice website, so we created something that maintained a unified look-and-feel and user experience, but also lifted away from the core branding so as not to get lost when a user finally arrives on the website.

Rather than focus on the caring and vital services that the hospice is already renowned for, we concentrated the UX on events, fundraising and how the user can get involved.

The website is bold in its cause messaging as well as clear in its calls to action. The design, while still maintaining a professional look, was purposefully aimed away from the typical hospital/clinical style. The look-and-feel was more community based, colourful, easy to use and understandable.

The new website empowers users to donate or help raise funds themselves by organising an event, being involved in other local activities or volunteering.

The increase in donations and traffic through the website has made a considerable impact on the charity, and they have a site that they are in control of, which they can easily update at will.