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St John & St Elizabeth Hospital UX & Website Design


St John & St Elizabeth Hospital

Unifying the hospital's clinics and services through one hub.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with the St John & St Elizabeth Hospital as well as St. John’s Hospice for over five years now.

Our first project together was to create an online platform for the Hospital as a main hub with clinic websites feeding into it across a large multitude of services and consultants. This large scale project was the first step in unifying the private hospital and its offering to make it clear to their audience the services provided and the community it serves.

As the business evolved and after undergoing a unifying brand identity project, there was a need for the website to evolve to reflect the new branding and business position. Our brief was to finally consolidate all 29 clinic websites into the main hub as well as the recruitment and casualty first websites.

We saw the brief as an opportunity to not only improve on user experience throughout, but to create a diverse design system for our client to gain more control across the hub website and any additional clinics and services.


The heartbeat

A hospital at the heart of the community.

The St. John & St. Elizabeth Hospital are a private hospital that use their profits to fund the St John’s hospice, providing high quality hospice care, free of charge, to those living in and around Central and North West London.

However, with 29 satellite sites and separate recruitment and A&E websites, it was very unclear to the user that this private hospital was attached, or even that each clinic was part of the hospital.

After consolidating the websites into the hub, we wanted to create a user experience that was directly linked to the hospice website as well as mimicked the hospice website’s UX.

What ties both websites together is putting the amazing and welcoming staff at the forefront of UX, creating an experience that feels friendly, accessible and clearly shows its link to the hospice so that people using the hospital understand that their money will help those in need through the hospice.

Improving UX to aid appointment booking.

Our main aim for the consolidation outside of unifying the brand was to unify the UX and make it easier for someone to either book an appointment or speak to someone directly.

By making these calls to action readily available throughout the website and centralising all contact details, we’re making it much easier and simpler for the user to understand how to interact with the website.

We also looked at a new content strategy that consolidated clinic content and removed superseded information and content debris. We followed a reimagined sitemap whereby we would support the calls to action through relevant and right content so the user has all the information they need to make an informed decision over the services they need and understanding how to book.

Modular design.

In order to give our client more control over their website and to help unify the user experience and brand identity, we created a comprehensive module kit that we use throughout the website rather than page templates. This allows us to create building blocks that are flexible to tweak user journeys where needed without having to fully redesign pages and experiences.

This module kit also runs across the hospice website to provide familiarity and a connection to the hospital brand.

The kit is designed to cater for all forms of content, and user need. More importantly we knew that each clinic, although being brought into the main website, needed to present different services, information and content. The module therefore allowed each clinic to customise their part of the website where available.


Mobile first.

The website evolution saw an in-depth look at the creation of more advanced mobile first modules. We took this brief as an opportunity to innovate where required and create a mobile first user experience that supports user need.


The Results

The first redevelopment of the hospital website as well as the hospice saw a huge upturn in bookings as well as involvement in the charity.

This evolution has again seen an uplift in bookings and direct contact as well as a large reduction in general enquiry calls, whereby we believe the website is doing that job for us.

We’re really pleased to have been given the opportunity, a few years on, to evolve a project we helped to create. We’re confident that in creating more control for our client they’ll be able to not only help and aid their patients, but also invite and involve the best talent and consultants.

In the end we hope that this plays an important part to help fund and aid in the future of the hospice and those that need first class hospice care.

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