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Dune London UX & Website Design


Dune London


Fashion & Retail

Totally devoted to shoes.

Dune London’s mission is to be a destination for brand expression, customer engagement and omni-channel experience, with a single view of the consumer. This mission started with creating a website that treats the user with respect, space and delivers choice for their own individual browsing nature.

With extensive user and analytical research, gained through working with customer research partners, we focussed on creating a website that improves four main pillars – path to purchase, inspiration driven shopping, occasional based search driven shopping experiences and reaffirming the brand’s proposition.


The Heartbeat

Devoted to shoes

The ecommerce platform we have designed brings Dune London to the front of an ‘accessible luxury’ market through a proposition that aligned with the demographic. The website is designed by listening to the needs of its user but hones and limits relevant search through extensive organisation and a tag structure. This gives the brand market authority through a multitude of ‘reasons to purchase’ balanced with trend setting and supplementing mid/high fashion.

The brand proposition ‘Devoted to Shoes’ was an anchor for all design and technical decisions and helped to express the brand. The proposition was born out of the brand values and positioned Dune London as someone that cares not only about the shoes themselves but has an understanding and empathy with the love for shoes. Therefore the ecommerce website had to be built on this idea, that it catered for every individual regardless of style or buying habits.

User Experience

We mapped and maintained a user experience strategy throughout the design of the website, creating an inclusive and wider opportunity for the brand to interact, inform, inspire and sell to their audience.

The strategy was to support sales through inspirational, informative and inclusive content, whereby the user felt valued before, during and after purchase, through acquisition, retention and advocacy.

Quickshop quick smart

The dynamic PLP and PDP pages are all about efficiency and are supported through inspirational content. A user can shop straight from the PLP without ever having to go to a PDP at all. We wanted the user to feel at ease with the shopping experience, showing as much considered detail upfront as possible without taking them on long-winded journeys.

This is also true of the inspiration journey. Where products are shoppable in each article, meaning customers don’t have to go back in the journey in order to shop or divert from their interest in the content.


Shoes that speak for themselves.

On the surface, The Dune London brand guidelines are very black and white, literally. But the life within the brand is full of colour and expression. The brand guidelines were to create a more contemporary Dune London without losing its heritage and reputation, that simplified its offering as a brand without over-complication.

So we had to create a design that was built on simplicity, and trusted that the shoes spoke for themselves and the creative lifestyle or inspirational imagery lead the user through the experience. The website design is really designed to create a backdrop for the brand to function through.

The homepage acts as a digital store front and captures a wide range of ‘shoppable’ user interests and inspirations that match the impact of the high street. The hierarchy is an ‘inspiration first’ path to product, whereby we have created a visual voice of the brand, providing reliable and relevant content.The website is designed around a modular system that means the entire website can be tweaked, refreshed and repopulated in parallel with audience and trends without redesigning the platform, or moving away from the brand tone.



With the recent launch of the website, we are still awaiting initial results. Though, the feedback through the brand has been extremely positive. We’ve designed a great ecommerce foundation that can drive the brand forward and readily connect their online experience to their high street experience and we look forward to evolving our partnership with Dune London.

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