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StorIQ Branding & Website Design



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StorIQ is a tech company that believe great customer experiences don’t just happen, but are the result of every detail being right in every single store. Their platform empowers and supports in-store teams to get these details right, driving productivity and in turn generating spectacular results.

Despite developing a highly efficient and complex platform and a wealth of industry expertise, they had struggled to visually communicate their product effectively within a competitive market and needed help simplifying their complex messaging in order to stand out from the crowd.

With new and exciting product innovation running in parallel, we were asked to strip the brand back to basics and reinvigorate its dated look to better reflect their modern and dynamic approach to business. Our task was to create a brand experience that showcased the advantages of the StorIQ product but with a more humanistic and empathetic approach.

The heartbeat

Everything falling into one place.

With a product as technical as the StorIQ platform and with a wide variety of different customers, our goal was to create an identity that balanced being both visually striking and welcoming, as well as portraying the years of experience and expertise the company has to offer.

Our first port of call was to fully understand the platform, its advantages to an end user and the business problems that brought customers to StorIQ. An off-the-cuff comment during a discussion with the StorIQ team sparked the creative direction we had been looking for; “we put everything a user needs in one simple place.”

Using this statement as a launch pad, we set about creating a logo that quite literally puts everything in one place, creating a marque that visually represented the ordering of day-to-day operations such as tasks, communications and scheduling into a neat little box – everything falling into place.

The identity was then paired with a range of hand-drawn annotation assets to create a more a more humanised look-and-feel that accentuates the collaborative and human touch that the business is based on. This aso portrays the user getting hands-on in their work again, scribbling notes and checking off tasks.

Designed to stand out in the digital world.

A major part of the rebrand was the colour palette. It had previously felt cold and clinical, so we wanted to create something to set the brand apart and reflect its drive and forward-thinking ideas.

With StorIQ based primarily in the digital space we had a wider gamut of colour to choose from allowing us to utilise a fluro green as the primary brand colour. Paired with a deep teal and a muted powder blue, the colour combination gave the brand a fresh and dynamic feel, mirroring the agile nature of the platform.

The primary palette was then contrasted with a bold secondary palette of red, orange and yellow, used within the new annotations in order to create a sense of movement and highlight key information.


Clear iconography and product diagrams.

When it came to talking about the StorIQ platform we were faced with two big challenges; it is intricate and complex so could be difficult to understand and it is frequently updated and evolved to make it better for the user, so showing real screens could be difficult to maintain.

As an answer to these problems we created a full set of icons that efficiently showcase the product features and solutions in a clear and visual manner. For more detailed applications we also created a full suite of abstract illustrations that show the platform in its most basic form. This provides the user with visual insight into how the platform will look structurally whilst standing the test of time for future updates.

Online Presence

Making a technical platform, approachable.

When showcasing technology based products it can be tricky to strike the perfect balance for the amount of detail presented, especially when the needs and subsequent results vary for each customer.

With so many competitors leading with the product features, for StorIQ we sought a different, more human route. Rather then inundating potential customers with a long list of features, many of which may not be relevant to their problems, our aim was to hero the impact that the platform has had on other businesses and to show each individual how it could seamlessly integrate into their day-to-day problem solving.

A focus on genuine use cases of the platform and evidencing previous results within a new, filterable impact hub, allowed a new user to quickly navigate through the site with their own business requirements in mind and gather a personalised understanding of the platform. Alongside this, the addition of a unified resources area gave previous visitors a reason to come back again and again in order to gain non-biased and up-to-date industry knowledge.

The Results

For a company built around creating digital solutions for analogue problems the evolution of their brand was important to get correct. Taking the time to fully understand the StorIQ offering and team behind the company allowed us to make sure that the digital-first approach was the best move to make for the long-term success of the brand.

Working closely with Managing Director, Amy Bastow and the wider team we were able to create a cohesive and characterful brand identity that’s dynamic and welcoming, whilst clearly elevating the StorIQ brand to sit comfortably alongside its global client list. This culminated in a simple to use and easily understandable website as the brand’s flagship communication platform, allowing business to not only carry on as usual, but to flourish, despite being in the midst of a global pandemic that shut down almost all stores across all markets.

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