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Quorso App UX & UI Design



The Quorso App – agile, simple and human.

With the success of the rebrand and website design for Quorso, our services were re-enlisted to help realign the UX and UI of the Quorso application. Our brief was to work closely with the development and leadership team at Quorso to elevate the service/product design of the Quorso platform through creative conception, considering how to put users’ needs first, increase user participation and retain engagement.
Our goal for the project and overall UX direction was to put the customers’ needs first, and through a thematic approach to non-invasive onboarding and context driven gamification, we would reach our objectives.

The heartbeat

Set Quorso for new frontiers

Narrative or a themed approach to UX can help unify language, design, interaction and engagement. Whilst we had to remember that this is a business tool first, we balanced that thought with gamification, especially early on. We wanted to try to engrain the platform in the business routine, so a higher weight of gamification early on helped to do that, reducing its weight as time goes on so it doesn’t feel monotonous or get in the way of people getting on with their work.
Our creative direction for the APP was based on a space theme. This idea looked at aligning achievement with new frontiers and exploration. This route gave us a creative license in terms of awards creation, achievement levels and graphics.

It also created a separation to ‘real-life’ work to make it a bit more engaging and fun. Through expanding on the visual identity as well as playing on terminology, iconography, status/level and controls, and animation we were able to create a desire for engagement beyond a normal performance driving business application.

Onboarding UX

We created onboarding user-flows to consider the level of early-interaction and skillset for the programme. We wanted to explain things early, as the user interacts with the programme to give a general sense of the platform before getting into more detail as they discovered new features.

The idea was that this in-app training would reduce as the user grows in Quorso experience.

Mission control

Our main focus and the core part of the app was around central tasks and a mission control centre. Organised through a mix of suggestive automation through Quorso’s clever AI as well as manual management task setting, the idea was to send managers on weekly Missions to drive improvement, communication and reporting. By supporting an agile approach to business we were able to support the app’s nimble functionality through simplicity of design and urgency of user requirement. Endless number-crunching and overwhelming effort becoming a thing of the past and store operations becoming agile, simple and human.

Visual storytelling

To help build upon the narrative of Quorso and some form of escapism, we created space themed avatars as well as story based landscapes for achievements throughout the app. The narrative is based on the user’s progression, their experience of the Quorso app as well as their level of interaction with the teams.

By delighting the user and offering instant and rewarding feedback, both from the app and from their colleagues and managers, it allowed us to create a platform that is not only making the running of a business more efficient and simple, it also makes it more fun.



Since the relaunch of the app, the resounding feedback from Quorso as well as their customers, both current and prospective, has been extremely positive. Quorso now have a bit of a game changer in terms of what they are offering their clients, but also a sellable and relatable sales pitch.

Not only does the platform innovate and create more efficiency of their client’s business process through its intelligence and functional power, but also engages employee bases, creating advocacy for success.

We’re extremely proud of the design of the app and have already been involved in further development of UX as the platform has extended and grown around their client’s needs. We’ve been able to add to the story through new illustration and animation, as well as UX for differing parts of the app itself. May the app live long and help businesses prosper.

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