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Cawston Press Brand Communication


Cawston Press

Real ingredients, remarkable taste.

Since 2014 we have worked closely with Cawston Press and their team, partnering with their packaging and social agencies we have led the creative work across all of their brand communication. This includes creating a mobile-first website, a huge portfolio of marketing collateral, an on-the-go sales app for trade, industry and consumer magazine covers, editorials, window displays at Wholefoods – from pencils to branded taxis and everything in between!

We support Cawston Press with all briefs, big and small, pushing their strategic thinking and drinks products to the very forefront of the marketplace.


The Heartbeat

'Good' alone is not
good enough

Cawston Press make drinks that not only taste great but look fantastic. They use the finest fruits inspired by the British kitchen garden, and their products are of the highest quality, so perfectly suited for a more mature, discernible consumer. We set out to create a brand proposition that would embody this.

In 2014 the soft drinks market was flat and stale with an overabundance of highly sugared, artificially flavoured products. It was in desperate need of a refresh. Cawston Press’ real ingredients, natural sugars, and their remarkable taste made them the perfect antidote.

We helped craft a vision for Cawston Press that was to revitalise the industry. The brand that would make it their responsibility to show people that they don’t have to settle for guilt-ridden, sugar-brimming, stale flavoured soft drinks.

But with this responsibility, Cawston Press had to set themselves a benchmark in how they approached the vision. And it was a simple commitment: Cawston Press have always tried to do good; whether it be working hard to find a balance between remarkable taste and real ingredients without adding sugar or preservatives, or how they source their apples and fruit; they’ve strived to do the right thing for their demographic. But good alone wasn’t good enough.

‘Remarkably good’ became their mantra and benchmark for everything they thought, said, did and created as a brand. From produce to packaging and beyond, it positioned them in a way that championed a tone that suited their very uniquely British ingredients – delivering a range of remarkably good products that gave their audience a remarkably good choice.



Made from a love
of good food

This campaign was born out of a creative proposition of ‘Love food’. We wanted Cawston Press to celebrate and demonstrate their passion, in the truest sense of the word, for what we eat.

‘Love food’ leveraged Cawston Press’ brand truths to develop an authentic relationship with food and its discernible drinking market.

By acting and feeling like a food brand, Cawston Press could access a high spending, fiercely loyal, choice-driven food community. We achieved this by visually celebrating the ingredients in the drinks and mimicking certain traits and techniques of presenting food.

The campaign was based on three cornerstones. Firstly, Cawston Press would visually present a birds-eye view of their products and ingredients, paralleling restaurant style food photography and user-generated social media food posts. Secondly, we would introduce Cawston Press’ very own Master Blender into marketing collateral, similar to a celebrity chef. And finally, we created numerous innovative, Cawston Press based, drink and food recipes that would be used to target food bloggers, budding foodies and people at home. This diversified Cawston Press from an ‘on-the-go’ product to being a product (with its range) for any time of the day that could accompany any type of meal.


Wholefoods window

As part of the ’Love Food’ campaign, we had the pleasure of showcasing Cawston Press in the Wholefoods flagship store at High Street Kensington. Cawston Press was the perfect fit for the Wholefoods ideology. The 3D space was a fantastic opportunity to visually roll out the campaign and have further opportunity to communicate more of Cawston Press’ key messaging and communicate look and feel.

Photography vs illustration

Throughout our relationship with Cawston Press, we have developed two very distinctive styles. Firstly a light-hearted, characterful illustration style; born out of the packaging. Secondly, a premium photography route; reminiscent of the high-end food photography which it was mimicking.


Cawston Press is a perfect fit for a pop-up experience. The Cawston Press Caravan traveled the country setting up in parks, festivals and green spaces. The pop-up sampling experience harnessed the nostalgia of a traditional summertime with their uniquely British flavoured drinks.



Whilst Cawston Press is a very traditional business in terms of their heritage and craft, they wanted to be represented clearly in a digital space. Across their online presence, we wanted to create a confident approach through the colourful and spirited universe of the brand.

For the ‘mobile-first’ website, we used a balance of illustrated backgrounds and clean white space to create a friendly and welcoming feel. The aim of the website is to be informative and engaging enough to lead its users to its main communication channel – social.

Whilst the website is the brand’s digital anchor, we wanted to create a rounded experience across social via a partnership with Collider (and now We Are Social), as well as digital toolkits that the sales team use etc.

The user experience (UX) was considered from contact with a Cawston Press product outside of the digital space, all the way through to the website and social and back to the product.


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