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Vayyar Creative Campaign



100 Reasons. One chip. Infinite impact.

Founded in 2011, tech company Vayyar have been busy developing the next generation of sensing technology. They started with a vision of developing a more effective way of screening for early-stage breast cancer using radio frequency technology. As they developed their technology they created additional solutions in multiple industries.
We were briefed with creating a new and engaging B2B creative campaign across social, digital and print for their automotive in-cabin safety application. The objective of the campaign was to engage with OEMs and tier 1 decision makers, eliminating any doubts that they may have about the reliability and credibility of Vayyar’s technology as they are a newcomer in the automotive industry, and instead encourage them to progress with the Vayyar solution.

The Heartbeat

With this many reasons to choose Vayyar, there’s no good reason not to.

As the world’s most advanced 4D imaging radar-on-chip, the single chip platform has the ability to monitor the entire cabin, cover three seating rows, detect the presence of eight occupants across several safety applications, all whilst saving money. In the campaign it was important that we communicated all these benefits that existing in-cabin technology and software choices did not have and highlight how Vayyar was the answer to the industry’s growing issues of rising complexity and cost.

Therefore, when developing the campaign, we brought it together with the concept of ‘100 reasons’. The idea focuses on the many different reasons that there are to use Vayyar technology in vehicles, nullifying any reason to stay with competitors, challenging the audience to question why they wouldn’t choose Vayyar, and to make them comfortable with the switch. A concept that is summarised with the sign-off line, ‘with so many reasons to choose Vayyar, there’s no good reason not to’. 

The style of the campaign uses large typography that has been stylised to reflect the subject matter and reason that it is talking about.

Online to offline

To target the specific OEM and tier 1 target audience, the campaign lived online through paid advertising on LinkedIn, as well as offline through printed advertisements featured in automotive industry magazines. The call-to-action from both these online and offline avenues led you to a specially designed mobile-first web page.

We designed and built the page as an online destination for the campaign. It further highlights the 100 reasons of why you should choose Vayyar as well as explaining next steps to finding out more and selecting Vayyar as your next automotive in-cabin technology solution.



With the safety of drivers and passengers so incredibly important and with Vayyar’s elite in-cabin technology, it was important that the campaign was a success in order to secure more supply contracts to improve overall in-cabin safety on our roads.
Working closely alongside Vayyar, we were able to create a successful campaign that promotes Vayyar’s credibility and reliability as a brand, as well as challenge and create a sense of urgency among OEM and tier 1’s to consider and change to Vayyar technology. We look forward to seeing how Vayyar continues to challenge the sector and grow as a company.

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