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Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority wanted to celebrate their 60th anniversary in a campaign that reinvigorated British holidays. The campaign had to promote the park’s natural beauty, coastline and abundant wildlife through two seasons, in a way that was sympathetic to the brand identity, whilst stirring up an emotive response from the target audience. The posters needed to be cut-through in a competitive marketplace, with every tourism based company promoting their destination as the place to visit.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Fall In Love Again

The Heartbeat

Escapism through the concourses of London

The inspiration behind the posters was the style of the travel posters from the 1960s. The beautiful, vibrant colours and simple sans-serif typography produced visually striking posters. The vintage style illustration, combined with emotive copy lines, communicated with the target audience on a nostalgic level, capturing the spirit and feel of the area, as well as escapism from the busy city.

‘Escapism’ was key to our strategic thinking, so we decided to show the escape route – to use London as an advertising hub and then plant the ads from the Underground, along mainline rail, all the way to Pembrokeshire, leading the way. The style of illustration helped us to display windows into that escape, and helped to transport people to the location by utilising a sense of nostalgia. We wanted to lift spirits and associate ‘a better time’ with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.


The campaign, split into two seasons summer and autumn, was a finalist for two CIM Awards, winner of a Canmol Award for ‘Tourism, hotels, leisure, place & destination marketing, travel and transport’, and winner of three Marketing Design Awards for ‘Leisure and Tourism’, ‘Customer Comms’ and ‘Consumer Excellence’.

The facts and figures


Increased traffic during the promotional period


QR Code drove 348% increase of site access via mobile/tablet


Facebook & Twitter community increase

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