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Forevermark Live And Love Digital Campaign and Website



Live and love, every day.

Forevermark have always been know for their beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds and diamond jewellery. Over the last five years we’ve worked with Forevermark to marry that exceptional product focus with a focus on the customer and their lifestyle. At the end of 2018 Forevermark repositioned to be more digitally focussed, to unify their markets, to speak to their audience as one and speak and relate to them directly.
The idea of ‘Live Love’, the new proposition, was born out of the idea of inspirational forever moments. That time spent in the moment with those that you care about can create more meaningful relationships with ourselves, each other and living life. We were tasked with bringing this campaign to life as a landing experience on the website, which was all harnessed by the social campaign.
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The Heartbeat

Live for now. Love Forever.

Our idea for the campaign was to create a video to help launch the proposition in a relatable, globally inclusive and uplifting way, as well as a landing experience that told real life stories of living and love (in its many forms) from around the world. The focus was always on the audience and the authenticity of the stories we were portraying rather than product.

The creative of the video embodies a rhythmic compilation of life and love – moments and connections between people, places and the world. This was to create living in the everyday and the extreme, from romance to family, to self and friendship and loving life itself.

Image and copy

The five stories used in the social and web campaign were diverse, but it’s hard to paint a picture of the world that’s relevant in just those five. Therefore the video was supposed to open up a larger spectrum of life and help the audience find relativity whilst also unifying the entire thing through the narrative.

The copy builds to the proposition, reframed as ‘Live And Love’, inspiring reasons to live for, moments of adventure and small moments that we sometimes experience but take for granted. The copy is submerged into the image to create a togetherness of both, as subtitles on the moments the audience is seeing.

UX strategy

The UX was fairly simple, to create an experience that creates participation of the user and intrigue through visual storytelling. On the landing page of ‘Live And Love’ the audience is be met with a timeline that brings together a waterfall of content; articles, tweets, instagram posts and gesture based statements.

The idea is to show a community of ‘every day love’ which would encourage the navigator to share their story. This visual navigation also helps the user to understand and discover the concept ‘Live And Love’.

When the user clicks on the content within the timeline, the screen is then divided in two; a pop-up opens on the right side, with articles and social feed. This allows the user to keep accessing the rest of the content and continue exploring the landing page, without diversion away from our intended CTA.


The Results

The results so far have been positive with global participation across nine markets. The campaign has helped relaunch a position for Forevermark that puts them within the thought space of an audience that are considering ‘life moments’ and how to celebrate them through gifting.

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