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No.1 Living Website Design & Development


No.1 Living

Inspiring a taste for life and for living.

We were approached by No.1 Living to design and create a website for the launch of their new drinks range created by England’s Rugby World Cup hero, Jonny Wilkinson. After his own experiences of mental illness, Jonny created No.1 Living based on his positive outlook on wellbeing and want to bring a fresh perspective to healthy living by connecting what we eat and drink to how we feel.

Full of flavour, lightly sparkling and naturally rich in live cultures, No.1 Living supports gut health and celebrates living by reconnecting your body and mind.

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The Heartbeat

Start living from the inside out...

No.1 Living is about putting our own wellbeing first. It’s the focus on the potential inside each and every one of us to feel more balanced and in control of how we choose to live our lives.

Working closely with Jonny and the team, the vision for the website was to bring a very human element of connection and life to the forefront.

Everything Jonny tries to do with No.1 Living is to inspire people to live happier, more fulfilled lives. His belief in what we eat and drink having a profound effect upon the way our minds and our bodies work was at the centre of the proposition for the brand and the website. The idea was that when we improve the quality of what we put into our bodies, we automatically reveal more of what we’re capable of physically and mentally. This is living from the inside out.

The Website

We created a mobile-first website to reflect this proposition and sell the No.1 Living drinks through association of healthier living and personal betterment. It clearly explains and promotes a live diet and empowers a mindset in an ever-unleashing journey to one’s true vitality.

Armed with the bottle design by Pearlfisher, the design and user experience is based on this continued journey and movement. Using interactive animations the website is alive and encapsulates the vitality that is reflected in the brand. We kept communication clear and concise, leading with video content about the mindset behind No.1 Living, showcasing the purpose of the brand before introducing the products.

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The film

For a launch of a new product, especially a product with so much brand thought behind it, a video was a perfect way to communicate the proposition, clearly and quickly. Although the drink was created by Jonny, we didn’t want him to overshadow the proposition. The future of No.1 Living and the positive effect it can have on people was far greater and more powerful than a short-lived celebrity endorsement.

It was decided to use Jonny sparingly on camera. He became one of many examples of people reconnecting with life by appreciating and living, in and for the moment, but Jonny, as the creator of No.1 Living, was the obvious choice for narration.



As well as video content, lifestyle and product photography was needed. Two styles were developed. Firstly, lifestyle imagery of people, including Jonny, enjoying the product using soft focus and bright glares, which made up a more reportage style of primary photography. Secondly, a functional product lead photography to help support the brand though still maintaining a unified style. For the hero product shots we wanted to have people in them, to add the human element.



No.1 Living has now launched and has been very well received. We were able to deliver a relatively new and unheard of product to the masses, in an easy-to-understand yet immersive way. All inspired by Jonny Wilkinson’s vision of better wellbeing for everyone, hopefully it will help inspire people, as it has certainly motivated us, to start living life from the inside out.

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