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Croydex Brand Identity and Packaging Guidelines



Thinking bathrooms.

Croydex have been at the leading edge of bathroom patented innovations on a global level for almost 100 years. They were recently purchased by global giant, Norcross in 2015, and in working under the Norcross umbrella, Croydex understood the business requirement to invest in brand and marketing as a whole. With a large target of growth, it was time to go to the next level in terms of positioning, appearance and tone of voice.

From that ambition came the brief to create a comprehensive set of brand materials. This included looking at the brand positioning, visual guidelines, sales and campaign collateral, corporate brochures and packaging guidelines.

Logo design

The logo was starting to look tired and a bit dated, but the fundamentals were there, so it was very much a case of evolution rather than revolution. Solid thought bubbles replaced pale keyline shapes. Two new, more contemporary typefaces were introduced, as well as a new vibrant colour palette.

The Heartbeat

Routine innovation

Whilst we maintained the ‘Think Bathrooms’ strapline, we altered the internal mantra to pivot behaviour within the business to ‘Routine Innovation’. This became the brand’s leading message about what they were doing day-in, day-out, as well as what they offered their audience – Croydex think bathrooms, so you don’t have to.

This new found purpose to innovate people’s daily routines gave the whole brand a fresh impetus and positive outlook on what they were doing. It gives the entire brand direction to makes innovation part of their day to day in how they drive their business forward.

No better example exists that portrays Croydex’s innovative approach to the bathroom space than their Intellectual Property (IP) sub-brand innovations.

Over time these logos had become disjointed from the overarching master brand. A full audit and redesign was needed so they could proudly sit cohesively under the master logo.


Brand Guidelines

With such a drastic change to the business, it was important a set of visual guidelines were produced to help the internal team maintain a consistent and recognisable brand identity across all collateral.


Packaging Guidelines

The second part of the guidelines went a step deeper, beyond the overarching brand and into the detailed specifics of the packaging.

Croydex’s packaging was their most visible brand asset. It was fundamentally important that they were presented in a consistent and coherent way. The packaging guidelines were created to ensure that all graphic representations of the brand were executed correctly, efficiently and, most importantly, easily. This was quite a challenge when considering the vast variety of sizes, shapes and formats within the Croydex range.

The result was a series of design principles that would underline the entire suite of products. These principles needed to work as hard when scaled down for a tiny bubble pack or up for large cabinet boxes.


A 100 year heritage

Croydex has a broad and deep history. So with so much heritage and a 100 year anniversary approaching, it was a great opportunity for a special edition logo and celebratory brand book.


By evolving the main brand logo and unifying the IP multi-brands within the business, Croydex was lifted to be wholly recognisable from the shelves to the checkouts and gave the audience a greater scale of accessibility to product and more of an understanding of what Croydex do.

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