January 24th, 2020

We’re really excited to announce our latest partnership, working with Quorso to help design and deliver their new website, creatively evolve the Quorso app and refine the brand’s visual identity.

Quorso is a B2B software brand, who have created a platform that unifies and simplifies the management of a business into a single tool – connecting data, actions, teams and KPIs to power business performance. The brand was born out of the need to tackle consistent pains associated with management: lack of alignment between business KPIs and team actions, lack of visibilty of the actions being taken, difficulty measuring the impact of actions on performance, and difficulty coaching and motivating dispersed teams.

Our brief is to help the brand become truly human-centric, primarily across its website and user application, working closely with the in-house UX, marketing and product teams. Our goal is to bring to life what Quorso is all about, and help relevant audiences easily understand the value of this robust solution to a complex business challenge.

“We love working with start-ups like Quorso, and although they’ve been around for a little while, it gives us a chance to really establish their brand and positioning in the market. We have an opportunity here to get in at the ground level and help support the brilliant minds at Quorso, connecting their business to audiences across the world and proving the benefit of the brand and product that they’ve built. What they are trying to do for businesses is pretty incredible; effectively removing a lot of logistical hassle, and helping businesses to be more effective and impactful, by taking the pain out of management.”

– Lee Casey, Creative Director, Hatched

Quorso is on a mission to power the performance of the world’s businesses, by seamlessly digitalising their analog management from end-to-end. It’s a mission we feel we can play our part in delivering, through their core branding, communication and platform design.

“We are thrilled to be working with Hatched on this project. Their cross-functional, digital-first capabilities make them equally well-placed to tackle our overall brand look and feel and marketing website, as they are to help design our software application itself. This will create the essential synergies we need between all three and ensure we deliver fully on our sales promise, turning intrigued prospects into happy and successful Quorso customers.”

– Sophie Slowe, CMO

“It is a well known fact that technology is only as powerful as its users. At Quorso we have developed a highly functional and user-centric app over the past five years, but now we want it to be human-centric too. Contemporary, slick and a delight to use. We have every confidence that Hatched are the team for this challenge and that they know how to get under the skin of our users and understand their needs and intrinsic motivations.”

– Daniel Slowe, Co-Founder and CPO