UPP Brand Vision & Values Document Design




Construction & Facility Management

The value in having brand values.

To help the launch the rebrand internally and externally, a brand manifesto was created. ‘UPP Brand Ambassadors’ were selected from all areas of the business. They epitomise and live the values each day. Their accounts are essentially the embodiment of the brand and a demonstration of the newly formed brand values and positioning in action.

By photographing each ambassador engaging with the camera within their natural working environments, it visually depicts the ambassador’s character and role within the business. They support the manifesto in creating a story – a real story, throughout.

These stories were woven throughout the production of the book, which was made up of four distinct sections, each a different colour, each representing a different value. A ‘naked’ book binding technique was used so that the different sections are visible from the spine. It reveals the UPP blue thread that binds the book together, representing ‘responsibility’ which in turn is the value that binds the whole brand together.