Asset Development Brand Identity


London Underground

Consistently adding value.

Asset Development are responsible for facilitating and building upon any development above and below ground as well as commercial opportunities within London Underground and TFL. The department came about through the merging of Third Parties and Project Development departments within London Underground. Initially titled D3PP, they did not have an identity or even a name that they were comfortable with when we began working with them. For a team that deal with such important developments across London, no-one knew who they were, both internally and externally.

We were briefed to help them bring a meaning to the team and their brand as well as external consumers and investors. We helped in developing a name, positioning the brand and building a foundation that all communications could be built from. We then moved that into brand guidelines both in terms of design look-and-feel and attitude and way of working.

For the visual identity, we wanted to harness the famous Pick, Johnston and Beck London Underground design elements to give Asset Development stand out, both internally and externally and to form brand guidelines that everyone in the team could refer too.

By using station and tube line graphics as development indicators the logo itself became a signifying device giving each project an individual personality but still sat within the framework identity.

The most vital thing was getting the brand foundation correct. By having a strong positioning and mantra the brand now has a jumping off point and everyone within the company is pulling in the same direction for the same purpose and ‘consistently adding value’. With this in place it grants the brand the confidence to allow for definitive growth in the future of London Underground, TFL and beyond.