June 24th, 2015

Together with James Williamson (photographer), Leycol (Printer) and Tank (Post Production Studio), we have created Machinate – a four corner collaboration that honours the blood sweat, ink and tears that are spilt over art forms, so often taken for granted.

In an ever-evolving, easy-automated digital world the creative industry seems to be losing touch with tradition, craft, care and hard work – that human element. The Machinate exhibition is the collaboration of four different traditional, craft lead businesses and marks the launch of the first two books, looking at the relationship between ‘man and machine’, manual versus automatic.


The end result will be something for everyone – a portfolio piece, a photography look-book, a print book and a paper and production sample piece that can be used, played with, displayed and hopefully enjoyed by the creative industry and brands alike.

If you’re interested in coming along please let us know via the Machinate website or email info@machinate.co.uk.

Date 02-07-2015

Time 6pm onwards

Great Western Studios
65 Albert Road
London W2 5EU

Contact info@machinate.co.uk

Website machinate.co.uk

Visit Machinate

Special thanks also to G.F Smith.